If you have considered want to pick the FlexiSpy & Top Spy app for you, you need to opt one of two versions that they offer to you. The versions are Premium and also Extreme versions. Both have different features that you will get. If you just need the basic and standard features that you can find in many other spy apps, so you just must pick the Premium version. Why? It is because this version has come with the standard features that you will find in many other spy apps.

In this Premium version of this FlexiSpy & Top Spy app, you can log to the call logs, chat messages, store multimedia files like video, picture, and also audio, and capture the visited website of the target device. Not only about that, you also are able to monitoring the WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Facebook Massenger, Snapchat, Skype, Hangouts, and so many more apps in the target device. You will be able in monitoring the target device all the time, so you will know what they are doing in their device.

There are some features are in this version. Some features like Keyword Notification. It is used for reminding you for certain keywords that the target device used. Usually, you will get the confirmation of the word or password that they use in their device through the email or even text. Manage Application is for uninstall, stop, and block the running apps in the target device. So, it is the best choices for monitoring your children to do not use the device for something harassing. Then, Upgrade and also Update Remotely. You will stay up to date to the latest features that target device by turning on the notification in your apps, and many more features that you will get in this FlexiSpy & Top Spy app.

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