Headway Theme for Maximizing Your SEO

With the most complete set of premium when compared with the existing theme, making Headway as an idol in his circle. Because, although the present completeness, Headway does not use plugins. Headway also maximizing the search with search engine optimization. Premium theme also has a number of advantages that influence is very important for your website and blog at the same time characterizes Headway in the world of premium themes.

One of these advantages is that there Breadcrumbs at the top of the page which shows the location of visitors in your website and blog. So that you know the best locations and the majority of visitors that you can use to develop your business. This is not often used as a priority in the premium themes. But in Headway, it is considered very well.

The next is the Seamless Integration with All-In-One SEO Pack which means your do not need to return to the search engine to repeat the search. In addition there are also total nofollow Control that allows you to add nofollow to links within the HTML that is not all premium themes prioritized. Because in other premium theme, means violating Google’s terms of service, when the run is the same. Headway has a privilege it is because that is only possessed by a few premium themes only.

But not only nofollow, Headway also think carefully about noindex. So you can noindex all the tags, categories, and other archives that if you do not need. In addition, Headway also provides features Separate Titles from Blog Post / Page Headlines that serves to set the page of the website you need. Sometimes, customers and searchers only need a title and theme only. Not a whole page of a website. These features solve the problem.

Automatic URL Canonicalization also helps you to differentiate your website or blog with other websites. Like, between ‘http’ and ‘www ‘ sometimes create misunderstandings between you company and another company. So the searchers who should be you customers, fell into the hands of others. And it is a loss. But with this feature, Google and Bing will prioritize your website and differentiate your website with other websites.

Headway proven itself as a premium theme that professional firm by providing 30 day money back guarantee to ensure customers and prevent you from fraud. So you do not need to worry.

In short, all the special features contained in Headway, will help you solve trivial problems to major problems, your benefit financially, and provide comfort that is not owned by the company’s premium themes.

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